DiGas is not just developing and providing most mature Dual fuel conversion system and solution for locomotive industry, we are also creating win-win long term partnerships with highest quality 24-7 customer support, customer training and on demand service of dual fuel system.

From the very beginning of our collaboration we perceive your time and energy as our top priority. Because of that to our customers we are offering the most efficient, quality ensuring and locomotive down time minimizing Dual fuel solution implementation plan in 6 easy steps:

Feasibility Study

In collaboration with client we understand and learn fuel consumption amounts, consumption patterns, refuelling arrangement, limitations and requirements, number of trucks, number of trucks to convert in the near future etc. in order to draw up the commercial offer.

Commercial Offer

In less than 2 weeks DiGas management team will compose the commercial offer adopting the solution to the individual case of locomotive operation taking into account project parameters and the needs of the client.

Detailed Technical Project

Taking into consideration notes and equipment from client side DiGas Technical team prepares and presents detailed technical projects with Dual fuel system component disposition on particular locomotive.

Planning & Agreeing On Conversion Activities And Timetable

In close collaboration DiGas management team and Technical team together with the representatives from client plans all conversion activities in detail and draw up the plan of activities.

On Field Conversion/retrofit Activities, Testing And Launching

Perceiving your time and energy as our top priority and down time of the locomotive as a critical aspect for operators, DiGas will guide its activities adapting our possibilities and our individual approaches to every client to your constraints finding the way to minimize or extract the down time of the locomotive during the retrofit process. One of the best options and strategies is to use maintenance time and day-offs of the locomotive compromising on total required time period for conversion activity but minimizing the required installation down-time of the locomotive.

Aftersale Servicing

Customers are fully supported through a comprehensive after sales service backed up with diagnostic tools, product manuals and highest quality 24/7 technical support. Training, literature, spare parts, service and warranty are available through participating DiGas product support representatives. DiGas Dual fuel system requires minimal routine maintenance. The injectors are easily accessible and can be changed in less than hour with no special tooling. In the event of any unforeseen issues with the Dual fuel system or limited natural gas availability, the engine automatically reverts to diesel operation. This allows the driver to continue to a convenient service point after completion of their route.