Report on gender, societal, and ethical issue of exploitation


NYSMART is a project aimed at finalizing, certifying and piloting NYSMART dual-fuel system for different locomotive types and achieving ready to market product with the dual-fuel system proven in an operational environment. In order to achieve this objective, the work plan spans a duration of 30 months, consists of 8 working packages (WP), where 7 of them were introduced in the project proposal and 8th “Ethics requirements” was introduced when Grant agreement No.784620 was signed.

The implementation of the project, led by DiGas SIA, is expected to result in increased competitiveness of the European railway, decreased greenhouse gas emissions from the rail operations, and significantly reduced health damage that is associated with emissions of particulate matter (PM), NOx, and SOx for European citizens. The project, while concentrated on environmental issues, nevertheless is carried under the Responsible Research and Innovation principles to ensure that the whole research and innovation process and its outcomes are best aligned with the values, needs, and expectations of European society. Following the accepted Ethics principles is pivotal for impactful and successful project implementation.

The document attached here is a public deliverable of the NYSMART project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 784620.
The “Report on gender, societal, and ethical issue of exploitation” describes DiGas’ approach to relevant gender, societal, and ethical issues.