The future of operating cost optimization

With a Diesel substitution rate of 45% to 80%, the NYSMART Dual-Fuel System offers Fuel-cost savings of 25% to 50% and has an attractive payback period of 1.5 years for mainline locomotives and 3.5 years for shunter locomotives. It truly is the future of operating cost optimization for the railway industry.

Emission Reduction

Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction of 20% to 25% (LNG) and 70% (RNG) and remarkably lower NOx -30%, PM -70% and SO2 -70% pollution. Coupled with 50% in noise and 30% vibration reduction. All lead to fulfilled social & environmental commitments of a truly responsible railway operator.

Best Performance & Reliability

No compromising on performance – operationally proven Diesel like power and torque. A Safety system comprised of 3 independent yet complementary sub-systems provides increased operational reliability and safety.

15 Year Experience

15 years of industry experience in natural gas applications for medium-duty and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.  And over 2 800 commercial and industrial vehicles successfully converted to dual fuel. Ensure that DiGas dual fuel solutions are a step ahead of the competition.